Anytime two exceptional singer-songwriters get together, it is great magic, and Tim Tedrow and Terry Vreeland are exceptional! The magic that their sincerely beautiful and yet joyful songs make is well known throughout Southern California, and with the release, in June 2002, of their CD TIM TEDROW & TERRY VREELAND ... AND FRIENDS, they will soon be known throughout the world!

The magic of Tim Tedrow started over 20 years ago when he first picked up a guitar and starting writing music. Tim was actually a poet and somehow it naturally evolved into songwriting.  9 years ago, Tim formed a duo with John Michael Kaye, after playing with John at his father-in-law’s funeral. They went on to perform in all types of venues and concert halls throughout California, and appeared on the late Brian May’s syndicated radio show, ”Malibu Folk” , which aired throughout the United States. People as far away as New York applauded their sound. Soon after, they released the self-titled TIM TEDROW AND JOHN MICHAEL KAYE CD, on Trough Records, and songs such as “Steel Magnolias” were acclaimed as far away as Denmark. After the release, they decided to do three-part harmony, and asked their first and only choice, Terry Vreeland, and TKV was born.

Terry Vreeland has been a singer-songwriter in the San Gabriel Valley for over 25 years. Through the years, Terry has appeared as a solo act, and part of a country trio “Legend”. After performing with TKV for several years, he released his self produced CD ROUGH DRAFT in Y2K to critical acclaim. The song “Strings and Voices” featured TKV. All the other songs featured Terry doing all the instrumental and vocal parts. Soon after, John decided to pursue other interests, and Tim and Terry, sharing the love of close vocal harmonies, and the blend of Tim’s various instruments with Terry’s guitar, decided to form a duo. Terry said, “This duo allowed Tim and me to stretch as musicians; making a full rich sound from two voices and two instruments is a challenge, and very satisfying as the arrangement of each piece is developed. After three years of working together, we are learning to anticipate and blend better and better.” The word for this blend is MAGIC.

The much anticipated CD TIM TEDROW & TERRY VREELAND ... AND FRIENDS was officially released on Trough Records in June, 2002.  Such great Southern California independent musicians as Severin Browne, Mark Humphreys, James Coberly Smith, Lisa Johnson, Greg and Judy Krueger, and David Zink, just to mention a few, lent their musical talents to this work.  Magic through friendship!

With these changes, Tim Tedrow and Terry Vreeland have erupted into the Acoustic Network.  The personality and talent is obvious, the music magic, and the entertainment without question.


Lois Tedrow
Managing Agent
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