Red Light, Green Light, Go

The New Album

U.S. Release Date – March 17, 2009


A Southern California native, Brett Perkins has called Copenhagen his home for several years now. But he still maintains his connections and his roots in Los Angeles, where he learned his craft and began his remarkable career – a career in which he has become an extraordinarily successful and internationally-respected singer/songwriter, to be sure – but also a career which has been focused on giving back to the songwriting community and the world as a whole.

Starting out in the early 1980s as the lead singer for the power-pop band The Sneaks, Brett’s early songwriting showed even then the makings of a song craftsman, influenced by such legends as the Beatles, Elton John/BernieTaupin, Squeeze’s Tilbrook/Difford and Jackson Browne (among many others)  Early on he became interested in the process of helping other songwriters perform and profit from their art, joining the National Academy of Songwriters (NAS), first as a volunteer and eventually working his way to lead NAS as its CEO through 1996.

During his time at NAS, Brett met and worked with dozens of music industry professionals, from superstars to everyday working folk musicians  He quickly became heavily involved in creating and/or participating in the development of festivals, song contests and – most substantially – showcases where songwriters could be heard in an atmosphere of support and dignity.  His Listening Room Concert Series and international songwriter retreats, which first began as a local series in Southern California and now take place all over the world, have provided scores of talented songwriters – the famous, the aspiring and the just-plain outstanding, regardless of fame – a stage and a place of community to share, to write and to learn.

Through all of his efforts on behalf of other artists, Brett continued to develop his own career.  Eventually moving to Copenhagen in the early part of this decade, Brett found a home in Europe, where he has one of the busiest touring schedules of any working songwriter (33 countries so far, and counting!), and where he has had enormous success with his music, scoring consistently with three hits on Danish radio – and by co-writing album cuts featured on releases by such established European artists as Mads Langer, Annette Bjergfelt and Una Healy.

On March 17, 2009 Trough Records will be releasing Brett’s newest album, Red Light, Green Light, Go, in the United States (international release will be February 17 on another label).  We are proud to add Brett to our roster of outstanding Los Angeles-based (or in Brett’s case, Los Angeles-native!) artists!

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