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Andrew Lorand grew up in suburban Los Angeles listening to Tom Leher, reading Lenny Bruce and trying to avoid school bullies. From the moment his parents forced him to repeatedly listen to a recording of ducks quacking the Brandenberg Concertos (or was it the barking dog version of West Side Story?), Lorand's rnusical tastes have been somewhat skewed. An eclectic satirist and keen observer of the humor and pathos found around the darker edges of the human condition, Lorand takes his listeners on a wild and often contemplative ride.

Lorand's music has been covered by numerous artists and performed worldwide. His previous recordings, including his first CD, 1996's Potsticker Rodeo, (released on Zanna Discs Records), have received considerable radio airplay all over the United States.

And now Trough Records is proud to add Andrew Lorand to its stable of artists. With the release of "Location Location Location" (TRCP 1303), Lorand has created a collection of brilliantly crafted songs covering the emotional landscape from the humorous to the heartbreaking. Set to unforgettable melodies, Lorand's blunt, vividly clever lyrics paint a uniquely twisted vision of the absurdities, annoyances and painful realities of day-to-day living.

In the caustically hilarious opening number, "Weird," Lorand systematically shreds to bits the pomposity and silliness often perpetrated in the name of art. "My Camaro, My Handgun and a Beer" paints a picture of suburban hell as brittle and funny as Randy Newman ever dreamed of. "Joie de Vivre Blues" features a whole new take on waking up "the morning after."

Lorand's unique ability to draw laughter out of desperation and loneliness has never been keener than in "AM 1610," where the biggest moment of the protagonist's day is talking to an ex-girlfriend about a malfunctioning toaster, or "Almost Happy," which addresses the whole "fear of commitment" problem from a decidedly wacky perspective.

But it is in its most quiet, reflective moments that Location Location Location showcases Andrew Lorand's most remarkable gift as a songwriter--the ability to simply and succinctly convey complex feelings in totally unique ways. The beautiful and elegant "Ordinary" captures the head-spinning magic of romance. "Masks" and "Distractions" explore harsh questions of love and commitment. And in the heartbreaking "Eight Short Minutes," Lorand has written one of the most remarkable, devastating depictions of the horrors of rape, from the guilt of those who felt they could have prevented it to the loneliness of its victim.

Produced and recorded by Lorand himself, and featuring the talents of some of L.A.'s finest musicians (augmenting Lorand's own incredibly diverse acoustic and electric guitar work), Location Location Location is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding listening experiences to be released in 1997.

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