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One of the most respected and covered independent singer-songwriters working today, ANDREW LORAND's music has inspired, amused and captivated audiences for years. The appeal of his intelligent, often hilarous, often jarring original songs has reached fans of every kind of popular music. Quirky and unique but completely relatable -- and always entertaining -- Lorand's memorable melodies and finely crafted lyrics are impossible to compare to anyone else, yet are completely familiar. His recorded projects to date -- two solo albums (Potsticker Rodeo and Location Location Location) and his collaboration with Matthew Mars (Puppets of Castro) -- have showcased Lorand's multiplicity of skills as a writer, musician and producer.

But any true admirer of Lorand's work knows that the best way to experience the true genius of Andrew Lorand is to see him live in concert -- just the man, his guitar, his incredible wit and those amazing songs.

FLOD (Catalogue No. TRCP 1318) finally gives everyone the opportunity to experience Lorand in concert, and to hear some of the artist's early recordings.

Disc One of this two-disc set is recorded live in concert, and features 17 of Andrew Lorand's songs (several previously unreleased), all performed by Lorand in his own unmistakable style.

Disc Two -- a real treat -- contains 14 Lorand studio recordings culled from his personal archive dating back to his college days. Many recorded on primitive recording devices in bedrooms and student apartments, these beautifully-restored, fascinating glimpses into the formative years of a great artist show not only his longstanding talent as a writer, but also as a producer and musician.

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Location. Location. Location. Potsticker Rodeo
  Location. Location. Location. Potsticker Rodeo


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