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Full Moon. High tide. Underground emotions rise to the surface. Sadness deepens. Happiness grows manic. Lunacy seems ever closer. At intensity's peak, there's nothing to do but howl, laugh, shout, cry...and sing.

Trough Records is proud to announce the release of
Whenever the Moon is Full
(Catalogue No. TRCP 1306), the debut album from Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Lisa Johnson.

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Featuring a fresh mix of musical styles ranging from lush pop to intense rock to intimate, acoustic-laced ballads, Whenever the Moon is Full showcases all of Johnson's talents. From the brightly-produced, defiant lead-off track "I Am Not Leaving" to the heavier-rocking "Go Away" to the sparse acoustic "Trust," Johnson firmly establishes herself as a gifted songwriter, crafting rich melodies and evocative musical arrangements around direct, personal and emotional lyrics. Just as impressive are Lisa's skills as a guitarist and keyboard player. As a vocalist, Lisa Johnson presents us with a strong, powerful and poignant new voice.

Lisa emerges from the fruitful singer/songwriter community in Los Angeles. She hooked up with Tommy Edwards, the multi-talented guitarist and producer from the L.A. rock band Fake Mustard to help her record demos of her songs. It was soon clear that an amazing creative spark was struck between the two musicians so they decided to produce a full-length CD.

In a tiny studio in Edwards' San Fernando Valley apartment, the two handled most of the instrumental and vocal chores and indulged their mutual willingness to experiment with unexpected sounds and styles. Lisa's mandolin playing on the driving "If You Leave Now" is the one and only time she has played that instrument, and Tommy, mainly a guitar player, came up with beautifully rich and melodic bass line for "Trust." Several other area musicians, including Judy Krueger and Albe Bonacci, were brought in to add their talents to the production.

Many of the songs on Whenever the Moon is Full are longtime favorites to Lisa's club audiences, including "Enemy," a moving anthem calling for racial tolerance, and "Forgive Yourself," (complete with surf organ), an ode to the '90's therapy boom. Newer songs are also included, such as the wistfully-hopeful "Glory and the Dream" and the heart-wrenching "Turn It Off," with a bare bones emotional performance with just Lisa and her acoustic guitar. This hidden track, written and recorded (according to Lisa) on the full moon, is worth finding.

From beginning to end, Lisa Johnson/Whenever the Moon is Full is one of the year's most inspiring accomplishments, and an exciting introduction to a most gifted singer-songwriter.

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