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Trough Records was formed in 1993 by Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Mark Humphreys as a way to release his music, bypassing the traditional barriers put up by the mainstream music industry. Humphreys has now released five albums on Trough, "A Lust and a Longing" (TRCP 1011), "Angelenos" (TRCP 1022), "Leap Day" (TRCP 1033), "Songs at the Moon" (TRCP 1044), and "The River Road" (TRCP 1055).

Beginning in 1997, with the release of "dot" by Rod Smear (TRCP 1302), Trough Records moved to a new phase in what we hope will be a long adventurous run. Since then the label has released more than 20 albums by its fine roster of artists, including Lisa Johnson, Dave Morrison, Brett Perkins, Phil Ward, David Piper, Piper~Grey, Andrew Lorand, Puppets of Castro, Tim Tedrow & Terry Vreeland and Tim Tedrow and John-Michael Kaye.

Our goal is to release albums by artists who are part of the "Acoustic Underground" movement in Southern California, where many incredible songwriters labor every day against the backdrop of a music industry often too large to notice the wealth of talent right in its own back yard.

By banding together some of L.A.'s finest performers under the Trough logo, the label has gained recognition and provided enhanced opportunities for its artists to be noticed. And because we enter into non-exclusive license agreement with the artists--all of whom retain full ownership of their recording, writing and publishing copyrights--Trough makes it possible for them to move wherever and however they please if such an opportunity arises.

Some of our artists have moved away from Southern California, but all of them maintain their connection and roots here. And we plan to keep right on releasing a steady stream of some of the best music from Southern California's Acoustic Underground.

Watch us grow. See you soon.

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